How to install, uninstall and upgrade Anka Secure.

Installation and Configuration

Anka when activated with the Anka Secure license enables installation of Anka package all mac hardware with Secure modules. It enables administrators to create policies for the VM and assign users/groups to the VM policy.

Installing the Anka Hypervisor binary is remarkably simple, just download it from Anka Secure Download page.
Run the anka.pkg installer. The Anka package includes the Core hypervisor and anka guest Add-ons.

After running the installer package, anka is found at /usr/local/bin/anka.

Verify the installation by running anka version command.

After install, if the users want to, they can change the location of this default Anka install location link manually.

Execute sudo mv /usr/local/bin/anka /to/any/other/location/.

Verify the installation by running anka version command.

View all settings for Anka installation on the host with anka config -l command.

Activate with your Anka Secure license key.

sudo anka license activate <key>

Upgrading the Anka Package

  1. Download the latest version of Anka package (.pkg) and stop all running VMs.
  2. Before upgrading, you will also need to force stop any suspended VMs with the anka stop -f {vmNameOrUUID} command.

Note For major Anka releases, it maybe required to upgrade guest addons in existing Anka VMs. Check the release notes to identify if this step is required or not.

  1. Upgrade guest addons on the VM. Execute the following command to upgrade guest addons in existing VMs to the current release.
anka stop -f {vmNameOrUUID}
anka start -u {vmNameOrUUID}
Preparing update configuration
Installing updates
update succeeded

If you are not able to upgrade the guest add-ons tool using the anka start -u {vmNameOrUUID} command, then you have a very old version of guest addon tools on your VM. You will first need to manually update them. Contact Veertu support. 4. Push your upgraded VMs to the Registry.


From the command line, execute the following command. Make sure all your VMs are stopped.

sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Veertu/Anka/tools/

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