Anka Virtualization

All about the Anka Virtualization package
> sudo anka  --help
Usage: anka [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --machine-readable              Output a machine readable format (JSON)
  --log-level [debug|info|error]
  -l, --login TEXT                Specify the vm policy user (if configured)
  --help                          Display usage information

  attach    Attach USB device(s) to a running VM
  clone     Clone a suspended or stopped VM
  config    Manage the CLI configuration
  cp        Copy files in and out of the VM and host
  create    Creates a VM
  delete    Delete a VM(s)
  describe  Show a VM's configuration
  detach    Detach USB device(s) from a VM
  license   Control Licensing
  list      List the current user's VM Template library
  modify    Modify a VM's configuration
  mount     Mounts a host directory into the VM
  reboot    Restart a running VM(s)
  registry  Configure and control the Anka Cloud Registry
  run       Run a command inside of a VM (will start VM...
  show      Show a VM's runtime properties
  start     Start or resume a stopped or suspended VM
  stop      Shut down a VM(s)
  suspend   Suspend a running VM(s)
  unmount   Unmount the mounted host directory
  usb       Manage USB devices
  version   Output the Anka version
  view      Open VM in Anka Viewer

Troubleshooting Guides and Logs

Enabling Graphics Acceleration with Apple Metal

Using Apple's Metal/GPUs inside of your Anka VMs

Working with USB Devices

Using the Anka CLI and API to setup and manage USB devices.

Modifying the Global Configuration

How to modify the Global Anka Virtualization configuration


How to upgrade the Anka Virtualization package


Steps for uninstalling the Anka Virtualization package

Command Reference

Anka CLI Command Reference

Environment Variables

A list of available environment variables for the Anka CLI

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