Environment Variables

A list of available environment variables for the Anka CLI

By default, all anka config options are available as Environment Variables by simply converting their name to uppercase and prefixing it with ANKA_. So, default_user becomes ANKA_DEFAULT_USER and the ENV takes precedence.

Outside of the config environment variables, there are a few others you might find useful:

ANKA_CREATE_SUSPEND0 produces VM in stopped state on anka create
ANKA_UPDATE_SUSPEND0 do not suspend VM on anka start -u
ANKA_HOSTNAMEallows to specify VM host name on VM start
ANKA_BLOCK_SIZEANKA image block size (1MB default)
ANKA_GPU_LOCATIONallows to specify GPU location on VM start
ANKA_GPU_NAMEallows to specify GPU name on VM start
ANKA_CHECK_CONSISTENCY0 turns off file system integrity checks
ANKA_CHECK_FREE_SPACE0 turns off free space validation on pull
ANKA_CLAIM_NAMEimplicit claim name in the usb claim command
ANKA_DELETE_IGNORE_ABSENT1 to not fail anka delete {VM} if VM is missing
ANKA_DELETE_LOGS0 do not delete VM logs after VM deletion
ANKA_DISK_CONTROLLERallows to specify disk controller on anka create
ANKA_FORCE_ABORT1 kills VM with SIGABRT on anka stop -f
ANKA_IMG_PATHallows to override igm_lib_dir and state_lib_dir search paths
ANKA_MACHINE_READABLEsame as --machine-readable
ANKA_NETWORK_CONTROLLERallows to specify network controller on anka create
ANKA_NETWORK_MODEallows to specify network mode on anka create
ANKA_NO_ADDONS1 do not create addons USB device
ANKA_NO_RUN1 do not create ankarun USB device
ANKA_NO_SHAREDFS1 do not create ankacp USB device
ANKA_NO_VIEW1 do not create anka view USB device
ANKA_USERspecifies user for policy affected commands
ANKA_PASSWORDspecify password for policy operations
ANKA_PG_BIOSpath to the PG video BIOS
ANKA_PREEMPTION_RATEallows to control preempt parameter on anka create
ANKA_PROPAGATE_LICENSE1 makes Anka license visible inside VM guest
ANKA_RFB_FPSspecify refresh rate of VNC (25Hz by default)
ANKA_SHAREDFS_ATTACH0 do not attach ankacp USB device on VM start
ANKA_SUSPEND_AFTERBOOT_INTERVALspecify interval between first boot (after VM create) and suspend (5 min default)
ANKA_SUSPEND_TIMEOUTconfigures minimum VM uptime before suspend
ANKA_UHOST_RESETCONFIGURATION0 do issue SET_CONFIGURATION to the usb device if it's also configured to the same number
ANKA_UHOST_RESETTIMEOUTwait after USB reset to continue
ANKA_VIEW_ATTACH0 do not attach anka view USB device initially
ANKA_VLANspecifies network VID on VM start
ANKA_ADDONS_ATTACH0 means do not attach addonsd to the hypervisor (graceful shutdown, timesync won't work))
ANKA_BLOCK_NOCACHE1 turns on the F_NOCACHE flag (default)

Last modified April 12, 2021 : quick fix (349cdcc) by Nathan Pierce