Using Buildkite and Anka Build

Instructions on how to use Buildkite with Anka Build

The anka-buildkite-plugin provides a quick way to integrate Anka with Buidkite. The plugin helps Buildkite jobs dynamically provision Anka VM instances for building, testing, and more.

The Anka Buildkite plugin works differently than our other plugins. It will not start VM instances using your Anka Build Cloud Controller and instead connect directly to an unused Node agent to execute the VM setup commands.

VM Template & Tag Requirements

  1. In the VM, make sure remote login is enabled (System Preferences > Sharing).

Install and Configure the Anka Buildkite Plugin

  1. You'll need to install the buldkite agent onto your Nodes.

You have the ability to set the spawn count inside of your buildkite-agent.cfg. This will allow two VMs to run at once on a single Node.

  1. Once you've confirmed that you can see the Agents/Nodes in your Buildkite Org, you're ready to setup a pipeline.

Pipeline Step Definition

Buildkite provides manual or YAML options when defining pipeline steps. An example on setting up the anka-buildkite-plugin using a YAML file in your project's repo can be found in the plugin's Github README.

We'd like to recognize Tom Duffield ( for developing the plugin for Anka. The official repo can be found HERE.